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Hu Tung-Min – KINGSTONE Art

Hu Tung-Min

Hu Tung-Min - Curriculum Vitae

1967 Born in Taipei

1992 B. F. A. – Sculpture, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2005 M. F. A. – Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan



2001 Quality Award. Tainan Sculpture Context, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan County Government

2000 Third Place. Awaji Yumebutai International Landscape and Sculpture Competition, Awaji Yumebutai, Hyogo, Japan

1992 Second Place. Sculpture Category, Taipei Art Exhibitions, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1991 Grand Prize. International Outdoor Contemporary Sculpture competition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1990 Grand Prize. WEI CHUAN Golden Sculpture Competition, WEI CHUAN Foods Corporation


International Exhibition

2017 Shanghai International Hotel Art Fair
Ningbo City International Arts Expo.

2004 International Sculpture Symposium, Ontario, Canada

2003 Kagawa-Ken Mure International Exhibition of Outdoor Stone Sculpture Festival, Japan

1997 Vortex of Beauty-Taiwan-Japan Group Sculpture Exhibition, Okinawa, Japan


Solo Exhibition

2016 EVERY THING UNDER THE SUN- TUNG-MING HU Solo Sculpture Exhibition, Taichung City Cultural Center, Taichung

2015 MATA Language- TUNG-MING HU Solo Exhibition, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

1997 Changing the Position of the Heart – A Solo Sculpture Exhibition-Color Field Art Center, Taipei


Group Exhibition

2017 Hiding in the Island, MOCA, Taipei
The Story of Island-The Poetic of Space, Taipei Design Materials, Center, Taipei

2016 ART TAINAN 2016, Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Tainan

2015 ART TAIPEI 2015, Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Taipei

1999 – 2003 Taipei Artist Exhibition, Cultural Affairs department of New Taipei City, Taipei

2001 Tainan Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Tainan County Cultural Center, Tainan

2000 Cross-Domain-Works on Paper from Sculptors, Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation, Taipei

1999 Prototype- Tung-Ming Hu Sculpture Group Exhibition, Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei

1994 Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Tripod, Taipei

1993 International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition, Xuanmen Arts Center, Taipei

1992 Taipei Biennial 1992, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Jen Shan Tang Gallery, Taipei

1989 Taipei Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
Taiwan Contemporary Art Context, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
Provincial Art and Sculpture Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung



2017 “Shangjun.World Known State” Suide International Stone Carving Symposium, China

2010 BenQ International Sculpture Workshop, Taiwan

2006 I-Shou University International Stone Sculptural Carnival, Taiwan

2005 ECHO International Stone Sculpture Camp, Canada
Brusque City International Stone Sculpture Camp

2000 Awaji Yumebutai International Stone Sculpture Camp, Japan

1999 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Camp, Taiwan

1998 Guilin Art Park, International Stone Sculpture Camp, China
Okinawa International Stone Sculpture Camp, Japan


Public Arts

2018 Taoyuan International Airports, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Dapu Fire Department, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Xinwuri and Shalu Train Station, Taichung, Taiwan
R.O.C. Air Force 439th Composite Wing, Pingtung, Taiwan

2017 R.O.C. Army Artillery Corps Testing Center, Yunlin, Taiwan
Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Heping Experimental Elementary School, Taipei, Taiwan
National YANG-MING University Hospital, Yilan, Taiwan
National Dingxi Elementary School, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2016 Ciaotou District Court, Kaohsiung. Taiwan

National Taichung University of Education, Taichung, Taiwan

2015 New Taipei Municipal HaiShan High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan
New Taipei Municipal Banqiao High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Banqiao Veterans Home, Veterans Affairs Commission, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2014 University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Taichung City Hall, Taichung, Taiwan
Linkou and Lujhou Post Office, Chunghwa Post Co,. Ltd., New Taipei City, Taiwan
Baochang Elementary School, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2013 Keelung Municipal Sinyi Junior High School, Keelung, Taiwan
Hsiangshang Branch Hospital, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
Science Park Administration, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Miaoli County Council, Miaoli, Taiwan

2012 New Taipei Municipal Sanduo Junior High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Zhunan Train Station, Taiwan Railways Administration, Taiwan
Shi-Hsing Elementary School, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan, Taiwan
Communications & Electronics Depot, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2011 Chung Chou University of Science and Technology, Changhua, Taiwan
Linyi St. Faculty Residence, National Police Agency, MOI, Taipei, Taiwan
Shuitou Pier, Kinmen County, Taiwan
Zhengyi Elementary School, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Yangmei Office, National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2010 National CHIN-YI University of Technology Library, Taichung, Taiwan
National Beidou Senior Home Economic & Commercial Vocational High School, Changhua, Taiwan
Shalu Branch, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan
Combined Logistics Command, Nantou, Taiwan

2009 National Defense University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Jhih Hang Elementary School, Chiayi, Taiwan

2007 Chiayi District Prosecutors Office, Chiayi, Taiwan

2006 National Penghu University of Science and Technology, Penghu, Taiwan

2005 Gong Jheng Elementary School of Luo-Dong Township, Yilan, Taiwan
Kai-Syuan Elementary School , Yilan, Taiwan
Liuying Luyuan Mortuary Area, Tainan, Taiwan
Baoan Traditional Market, Tainan, Taiwan

2004 Chung-Hua Junior High School, Yilan, Taiwan
Lihu Elementary School, Taipei, Taiwan

2003 Niupu Underground Parking Garage, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2002 Chunghua Performing Arts Center, Chunghua, Taiwan
Lakeshore Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2000 Hualien Sin Cheng Township, Hualien, Taiwan

1999 Taipei Municipal LongShan Junior High School, Taipei, Taiwan
Chagall District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

1998 Makung Elementary School, Penghu, Taiwan

1997 Hsinchu City National Art District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan


Belgium / Brazil / China / Ontario, Canada / Awaji Yumebutai Gardens, Hyogo, Japan / Taipei Fine Arts Museum / Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts / Taiwan Art Bank / OEC Group / Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd / Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd / Construction Companies