founded in 2006 by artist, Hu Tung-Min, has dedicated to public art and landscape sculpture design. Through Mr. Hu, cooperative artists and the work team of KINGSTONE, we have completed several public art programs as well as plastic art pieces for collections. In the process of inviting domestic and foreign artists to participate in social environment, generating artistic creative idea, setting up artworks and promoting to the common people, we focus on the sparks of dialogue between the affection for land and the expression of art.
Dolores Hayden said ” It is the dream of a common language that I want to explore, as it applies to the search for an American sense of place by architects, designers and urban planners.”
We expecting to perfectly showcase the artists’ unique creation concepts through their artworks which are synchronized with the local environmental changes and visions, and making observers embrace the harmony between imagination and reality.


Public Arts
Sculpture Design Service